Trevor Jones

I was honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the UNIONgallery's festival exhibition Mark of Beauty as I knew I'd be showing with some of the great Scottish abstract artists; artists I'd read about and admired while studying for my Fine Art degree at Edinburgh University not that long ago.

My art journey since midway through third year in 2006 has been enthused with interests including colour therapy, colour music codes and abstract expressionism. However, late summer 2011 and shortly after being asked to take part in this exhibition, I discovered QR codes, and my preoccupations took a sudden turn. The work you see here is the product of this shift.

This artwork is, among many things, one very large, public art exhibition; open for participation by anyone, anywhere. For this reason, the physical painting that you may well be standing in front of right now is essentially a 21st century Pandora's Box; in that each time you scan it something new could "pop out". This piece transcends other paintings as it represents not only the work of one artist but the collaboration of a number of talented people; writers, web designers and software developers, social media friends and followers, and an even larger network of creative individuals offering their artwork for online display.

Trevor Jones

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