Iain Robertson

My paintings start in random application of colour and shape working with a language of developed forms archetypal symbols recalling primitivistic signs and referencing contemporary culture, expressing a direct approach to image making, communication and execution.

Pouring, gravity, mark making and a tension implicit through the coexistence of considered action and chance, help me to get closer to dealing with a multiplicity of information and the influence of visual and audible stimulus on the process.

Listening to music and personal musical memory distract me from the activity encouraging emergent chance imagery also informing style, look and attitude.

The layering of image and gesture, a more translucent colour contrasted with thick impasto, surprising and unexpected happenings are balanced with a need for structure, composition and beauty. An immediacy and the dynamic of the purely abstract, obviating a need for finish in favour of physicality, sensation and the pleasure of materiality.

Iain Robertson

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