Mossy fencepost




David Oxley
HDR Photography
40x30cm print
David's page on the KMSO Arts Collective website

A mossy fencepost with a scenic backdrop. Taken in Barcaldine, near Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.

I found myself distracted from taking photographs of the beautiful landscape when I discovered this old fencepost that was covered in moss and lichen and pixie cups. For a while, I completely forgot about the world around me as I got lost in the wonderful miniature world growing on the old lump of wood. Eventually I realised I should have a go at composing a shot that combined this little world with the pretty house and views that prompted me to take my camera out in the first place.

I love the way that, despite being out of focus, the backdrop worked really well when going through the HDR and tone mapping process.

Handheld shot, steadied a little with the legs of a mini tripod pressed against the fencepost. Three exposures aligned with Hugin photo stitcher, then loaded into Luminance HDR for tone mapping.

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